Czech International Championship 2011


Record-breaking 10 races in three days at the championships in Vranov, Czech Republic.

First day:

Star boats came to Vranov for the regatta due to high water at the reservoir of the river Thaya. In Vranov the boats were lifted by crane onto a trolley and then winched into the water. Worked well and quickly!

The first day's start was at 13:00 with a NW wind at 3 Bft. A hot three-way battle developed between Alfred Weber, Harry Hoeferer and Igor Sterba. Father and son Ott intervened repeatedly in the decision making and Jiri Dominic with his self-made (!) Star # 5973 ( built in 1974) was always in close proximity. In the third race Harry and Igor were OCS, and Alfred finally got his first race victory and Theo was second. In the evening it was decided for the next day to insert 2 races after a lunch break. Dinner was at a nearby restaurant of roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. The absolute highlight was a 100 years cake that not only looked good but tasted excellent!

Second day:

There were two races followed by lunch, and then two more races with winds up to 5 Bft. Wonderful sailing! Lots of action, because all the boats were close together. And even if you were in the front, you could in easily lose the lead again in these conditions. Dinner was at the club: Igor grilled in person! Excellent!

Third day:

Two races in winds of up to 4 Bft. It was exciting until the very end. Alfred won both races, Andreas was second in both, and Igor was third in both. So the match between Igor and Alfred was decided. Alfred Weber and his wife Angelika became the International Czech Champions. Again, congratulations to Angelica: In these conditions a great performance!

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